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Pilgrimage Statistics

Consecutive Days Riding: 27                                Consecutive Days Blogging: 28

Today’s Mileage: 5                                           Total Trip Mileage: 255


     As I ride the bike and think about today’s Pilgrimage Site visit, I am reminded that when you take a Pilgrimage to a new place you might end up discovering things you had lost or forgotten.


The young Stationarypilgrim.

     The young,very tan man drinking a soda in front of a Thai transport truck is yours truly some 35+ years ago!  It was a time before I lifted weights and bulked up, before my thin frame accumulated much padding, before my forehead totally overwhelmed my hairline!


      I was a young sailor in the exotic place called Thailand far away from the wind swept Plains of my childhood.  I was enamored with this beautiful, tropical land with it’s friendly people, coconut palms and colorful temples.  It was a place unlike any I had ever encountered in my twenty-one years. A door openned on a wide and fascinating world.  I walked through it and never turned back.

     I was intrigued by many aspects of the Thai culture, every other street corner held a colorful Buddhist temple, like the southern US where a Christian church seemed to appear around every bend in the road.  I visited a handful of Buddhist temples and came face to face with various statues of Buddha.  There was the traditional seated Buddha (meditating), the standing Buddha (preaching), the walking Buddha (teaching), and the reclining Buddha (preparing to leave this world).  My guides were patient with my questions and always provided answers with a smile.

    Edwards-shrine_2 small

 Little did this stoic-faced young man in this exotic foreign land know how much his life was going to change  in the next year!  He would begin to investigate new ideas, this new face of God. He would learn to meditate and recognize his true nature!  But that is a story for another time, another Blog posting!

     Please click on the tag at the top of the page entitled: Pilgrimage Site and enter the Buddhist temple Wat Buddharangsi of Miami.  Remember to remove your shoes at the temple door, bow deeply and smile!

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