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Pilgrimage Statistics

Consecutive Days Riding: 29                               Consecutive Days Blogging: 30

Today’s Mileage: 10                                            Total Trip Mileage: 275


        As I ride the bike today and think about my Blog topic I am confronted with the creative feast-or-famine dilemma.  My Blog topic list is growing, the daily news offers new ideas, the weather has been picture perfect, and we will be visiting a new Pilgrimage Site tomorrow.  Hint: prepare to go Kosher! So what should one do when confronted with such a creative tug-of-war?  Go to the beach and write poetry of course!

miamiamanecer by e r del valle

Sunrise near the beach.

     Let us travel up the beach. Listening to the voice of nature on that thin ribbon of sand perched between two worlds, one offers us precious breaths the other washes us clean. Both offer mystery and glimpses of the divine.

Walking Towards the Sunrise

Pulsating roar of waves

Damp sand

Stained with sea foam.

Beach skyline

Recedes into the distance

Melting into a yellow

And peach haze.

Sun hidden behind a streak

Of blue gray clouds

Highlighted with golden edges.


 Sandy Cycles


    The sage sees in the waves

    The eternal give and take

    That is life.


    That which expands outward

    Soon retreats

    To be followed by another



Majestic beach scene roberto casin

Majestic beach scene!


 Sandpiper and Child



Two pairs of thin legs

Run from the edge

Of the advancing wave

 One seeks


At the water’s edge

The other seeks

Playful abandonment


Eye of the Beholder Shells






Ignored by beachcombers

In search of more colorful treasures

They are exactly what I seek

 Suspended from driftwood

By thin cotton fibers

They respond to the wind’s

Invisible movement

With the rhythmic

Sounds of the sea

Enticing memories of

Roaring waves

And salty breezes


No Swimming Allowed


Caught between

The surging waves

And the pounding pace

Of beach joggers

Panic and take flight

marina at coconut grove by R Casin

Coconut Grove Marina.

My Essence

Should you spread

My ashes

On the ocean’s surface,

  Or the red clay soil,

    Of my adopted home?

Should you carry them back

  To the expansive plains

    The tall grass

      The shallow streams

          The dark rich soil

            The home of my youth?

It doesn’t really matter,

  For the atoms of my existence

    Will find a way to

      Trickle through the soil,

        Babble in the brook,

          Rush through the rapids,

            Roar over the falls,

              Surging toward the sea,

                Joining the waves.

miami skyline by emilport74

Man's metal mountain skyline awaits!

     I hope you have enjoyed today’s walk along the beach and my beach poetry.  Look at the skyline of the city. Mankind’s artificial mountains rise up to greet us with new adventures and old memories.  Tomorrow we visit images of fame and power, talk of saintly deeds and absolute evil!  Stay tuned!

A special thanks to the photographers associated with Panramio for the beautiful scenes from along the roadside. The information on holy days and sacred holidays comes from http://www.interfaithcalendar.org.

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