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Pilgrimage Statistics 

Consecutive Days Riding:  85                              Consecutive Days Blogging: 86 

Today’s Mileage: 6                                              Total Trip Mileage: 701

Candle Offering!

A brief posting on this third day of the New Year.  I got up in church today and offered a prayer candle during the “Joys and Concerns” portion of the service.  It was embedded among a chorus of offerings: joy and celebration at health renewed, kittens who have found a home, a visit by grandparents; sadness at a sudden death and the presence of a growing illness. I returned to my seat greeted by the caring gaze and smiles of friends and wrote the following poem:


Remembrance and Protection

I lit one candle

     It carried two prayers

One of Remembrance

     For someone I never knew

     A voice offered up in song

          Ten years ago today

          He drew his last breath

    I know him by those he touched

    By the seed of a future he planted

         In a wife and a daughter

One for Protection

     For an eldest son

     Soon to wear a warrior’s mantle

          Eighteen years ago

          He drew his first breath

     I’ve known his touch and smile

     He carries my seed

         And one half of my future


Perhaps an explanation is in order.  I know that none of us achieve immortality.  I do not know what happens after we die.  Do we somehow continue or just cease to be?  I feel certain that we live on into the future through the seeds we plant , the memories created and the wisdom passed on to those who follow us, especially our children.  My eldest son therefore carries one half of my future, my youngest son the other half.  I hope that they have the opportunity to pass mine and their seeds onto their sons and daughters. Till the memories fade and the seeds of my wisdom are all that remain.

Our most precious gift to those who follow!

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