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Pilgrimage Statistics 

Consecutive Days Riding: 151                                         Days Blogged: 135 

New Mileage: 4                                                          Total Trip Mileage: 1046

It has been a grueling day, three classes, a faculty senate meeting and long drive to watch my son advance to Life scout.  I still have tests to grade for tomorrow and it’s getting late.  So I am going to limit the blog this evening to sharing a couple old poems/musing with you:



    In the loose brown dirt.

Cigarette butts,

    One fresh, bearing lipstick.

Tubes of powdery ash

    Not yet crushed by man or rain.

Empty condom wrapper,

    Was it love or lust?

Discarded bottle cap,

    Evidence of a different thirst.

Litter at my feet,

    At the base of the bench,

       At the base of the falls,

          At the base of the thunderhead,

             At the base of the deep blue sky.

Signs of man’s needs

    Thirsts, and passions.

Marks on nature

    Of our passage.


 Do I cross at the widest point

   Water shallow

      Barely moving

         Islands of dark brown rock

            Form a bridge upon which to walk

 Do I cross at its narrows

   Water deep

      Surging rapids

         Bordered by steep walls of rock

            Necessitating an airborne leap

 Safety versus Risk

   I ponder but a moment

      Then leap!

I hope you enjoyed my words from a walk along a local river on a summer day.  Join me tomorrow when I will present you with the suggestion that you abandon the “Golden Rule” and adapt the “Platinum Rule.”

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