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Pilgrimage Statistics

Consecutive Days Riding: 42                              Consecutive Days Blogging: 43

Today’s Mileage:  5                                           Total Trip Mileage: 355

I have to admit the title of today’s Blog is probably a little over the top.  It was meant to grab your attention.  It comes from a factoid listed on the Big Cypress National Preserve website concerning  the feeding of wild animals. This is a problem as they become dependent on the food often leading to death along the roadways or to being “put down” as a nuisance.

Cypress Sunrise

Today we visit our eighth Pilgrimage Site The Big Cypress National  Preserve.  Some of you might ask: what does a nature preserve have to do with a Spiritual Pilgrimage?  As I’ve mentioned before, many people see nature as the handiwork of the Divine while others find within the mystery and beauty of nature the conditions for mystical experiences.

Trees through the Haze

This site visit highlights the impact that humans can have on the natural world.  Whether it’s the lack of giant Cypress trees due to timbering in the early 1900s, or the Burmese Python invasion due to people’s release of unwanted pets, man has clearly had an impact.  Whether you believe we are just one component of a giant interconnected web of life, or believe that we are the stewards of this planet at the divine’s request,  we need to ask ourselves: what are doing to our natural world?  How are we changing things, what are we leaving for the future?

Big Cypress Perserve

I am delighted to be visiting another site of natural beauty!  I would like to thank again the Panramio photo service, a component of  Google Earth.  This service provides tourists an opportunity to download many beautiful photos.  Without this service,  our journey would be significantly less colorful and interesting! 

As I view the scenes along the raised walkways leading  through the swamps, the trees and hanging moss,  I experience a sense of discovery,  reminding me  of a poem I  wrote on a nature walk several years ago.     

No Expectations

You should learn

     The cycle of the forest

       Some people would say.

Know when to expect

     The mushrooms

        The migrating birds

          The mating turtles

            The spring flowers.

Each with their own

   Timed curtain call.

I could study books,

    Talk with naturalists,

       Keep notes and a journal.

But I won’t… I’d rather be surprised!

Like a holiday

    That sneaks up on you.

       With the sudden appearance

          Of colorful ornaments

             And festive trappings.

The best gifts

    Are those

       We don’t expect!

_ _ _ _

Sunset at Big Cypress

I hope you enjoyed the poem, please click on the Pilgrimage Site tab at the top of this page to visit the Big Cypress National Preserve.  For more information visit www.nps.gov/bicy/

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