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Pilgrimage Statistics

Consecutive Days Riding: 21                                Consecutive Days Blogging: 22

Today’s Mileage: 11                                            Total Trip Mileage: 208 


    I climbed on the bike today with a heavy heart. My oldest son is making choices that are sending his life down a destructive path.  As I work to grow, discover more about myself, and connect with the divine through my Pilgrimage Journey, he is “going over to the dark side!”  Whether it’s a family member, friend or student struggling with life’s demands, it is hard to watch. It is even harder to accept that there is little you can do for them. Sharing the struggle with others and carrying the individual in your thoughts and prayers can help. 

southwest florida by foto's van overal

Coast Prairie Trail west of Flamingo


In yesterday’s posting I noted that Jennifer Westwood described one of the components of the Longing to undertake a Pilgrimage journey as “the Prayer.” This prayer, which is carried by the pilgrim to the site, often takes the form of a request for assistance from the divine for themselves, for another person or some cause.

birds at flamingo by craig gaebel

Bird at Flamingo Florida


    Tomorrow I will post a Prayer page as part of this Blog It will be a place where we can identify those family and friends who are in need of our prayers.  I will carry these pilgrim prayers with me as I ride between pilgrimage sites.


high tide at flamango by danhester

At high tide near Flamingo

    As I spun the wheel and the miles slipped past I think of nature’s beauty as we travel through the Everglades National Park.  Some see the handiwork of the divine in this beauty and give praise for the many gifts that flow our way.  Other people stand in awe of the beauty and experience a mystical sense of oneness with the divine.

flamingo area by nationalparklover

Flamingo area with kite.

    I have included a number of pictures to highlight this natural beauty.  Seeing the shoreline, waterways and wildlife remind me of a walk I took along a local river and the blue heron that crossed my path. I wrote about our chance encounter.

The Heron

Like some exotic oriental kite

It hovers in the morning sky

I hold my breath

Holding onto the moment



Standing majestically erect

Scanning the surroundings

It watches me

Not its prey

Like I was some enemy


Like These

It is moments like these

Standing shivering

   in the morning chill

The first rays of the morning sun

   Not yet clearing the horizon

Wafts of mist rising from

   roaring churning waters

That I feel

   most alive


Just the dance of life

One moment

    It stands frozen

        Like some garden ornament

The next

    It plunges its long neck       

        Into the swirling waters

Standing proud and erect

    It shifts its prey

        Lifts its head

            and the fish disappears



Lifting off

He turns skyward

As the morning sun

Creeps steadily across

The green river canopy

sunset north of flamingo by Dr. Rusty

Simple sunset north of Flamingo Florida

     I hope you enjoyed the photos and poems.  Have a wonderful and safe day!

A special thanks to the photographers associated with Panramio for the beautiful scenes from along the roadside.

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